When’s the best time to do newborn photos?

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You can take “newborn” photos of your baby at any time.  I put “newborn” in quotes because it’s ok to wait a few weeks and even months to do a newborn photo session.  If you check out my newborn page, you will see babies of all different ages.  There is something very natural and beautiful about photographing a new baby.  But waiting a few weeks or months may mean that we get to capture more of your baby’s personality.  Both are beautiful!

Mom holds baby in front of window during Newborn photos with Sara Sniderman Photography in Natick Massachusetts

The Ideal Age for Newborn Sessions

My style is considered lifestyle photography.  This means that, although I will prompt and guide you through the session, I am not posing baby.  There isn’t the pressure to have the session within the first 15 days because I am not posing your baby

What’s the best age range for newborn photoshoots?

Some families want to photograph their new baby within two weeks of being home and others want to wait a few months.  I want to make sure families know that if they didn’t schedule photos right away that you have not missed your window.  Documenting a family is beautiful and special at any stage.  This is a decision that looks different for each family.  Do you want to capture those first few weeks to remember just how little and new the baby is or do you want to wait a few weeks to settle into your new normal? There is no wrong answer!

When should I book a newborn session?

Book your session as soon as possible after you hit the second trimester.  My outdoor session schedule fills up months in advance especially in the fall, so I want to make sure I get your session on the calendar!  I have more flexibility with in-home sessions on weekday mornings.  You can find FAQs about in-home newborn sessions and FAQs about outdoor newborn sessions on the blog

Newborn Photos at less than one month

Less than one month sessions show just how tiny baby is.  Often babies are still very sleepy.

newborn photos with babies under 1 month with Sara Sniderman Photography in Natick Massachusetts

Newborn Photos at 1-3 months

Sessions at 1-3 months are often a mix of asleep and awake.  Often babies are starting to cluster feed so you may get more nursing photos during this age.

newborn photos with babies age 1-3 months with Sara Sniderman Photography in Natick Massachusetts

Newborn Photos at 3-6 months

at 3-6 months babies are really starting to smile and show their personality.

newborn photos with babies age 3-6 months with Sara Sniderman Photography in Natick Massachusetts

Newborn Photos at 6-12 months

at 6-12 months babies are full of personality.  They are often sitting or on the move 🙂
newborn photos with babies age 6-12 months with Sara Sniderman Photography in Natick Massachusetts

What’s the best time of day for newborn photos?

This depends on if you are choosing an in-home session our outdoor session

Choosing the optimal time for natural light

Typically the best time for the most natural light indoors is mid-morning.  If your house gets the most light at a different time though, please let me know!  I bring a flash to all my indoor sessions and can add a little extra light if needed, but my preference is always to use natural light.  

For outdoor sessions the best time for light is within two hours of sunrise or sunset.  This is when you get the best glowy light!

Choosing a time for photos that makes sense for baby

If you are doing a newborn session with an older baby and your baby has a set nap schedule, we will try to start the session around when the baby gets up from their morning nap.  If your baby has older siblings, morning is typically when siblings have the most energy and are less likely to be cranky and tired. 

Newborn photos with Sara Sniderman Photography in Natick MassachusettsHow to Prepare for the Newborn Session

I will help you every step of the way in planning your newborn session outfits.  I can send you links with suggestions, help you choose from outfits you already have, or you can borrow from my client closet.  Check out my blog for tips for what to wear for newborn photos. 

You DO NOT need to clean your whole house.  When you book your session, I will ask you to start paying attention to which rooms in your house get the most light.  We will try to photograph in one or two of those rooms. Depending on the light, I like to photograph in the baby’s room and a room with a bed, which are great snuggling locations :).  If you have a light-colored neutral comforter, please have it on the bed; if not, let me know and I will bring a white one.  When I get to your home, I will have you show me around so we can pick out a spot or two that gets the most window light.  All you really need to do to prepare is put the shades up; we will move things out of the way to make it look like your house is spotless :).  Don’t be surprised if I ask if we can move some things around to get the best light.  I promise we will move them back.  You can find answers to other FAQs about newborn sessions here

parents sit with baby in nursery during Newborn photos with Sara Sniderman Photography in Natick Massachusetts

Looking for a Metro-West Boston Newborn Photographer?

I would love to help your family capture special moments.  Reach out and let me know a little bit about your family! 

Newborn photos with Sara Sniderman Photography in Natick Massachusetts

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