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If you told me a few years ago that I would have a photography business, I would not have believed you. I double majored in psychology and economics in college, went on to get my masters in education, and started working as a board certified behavior analyst. When I went back to work after having my second daughter, I felt like I needed to be home more with my family. After a few weeks of being home, I started taking online photography classes. Photographing my children, and even before that my friends' children, has always been a love of mine. Children change so quickly and I love how looking at photos can bring us back to that season of life for a moment. My husband encouraged me to take the leap and start my own business. So here I am writing my About page for my photography website! :)

Photography has pushed me out of my introverted comfort zone and allowed me to meet so many amazing families that I would have never met otherwise. I feel so incredibly fortunate that I got a second chance on picking a career and am absolutely head over heels in love with it. I get to cuddle babies and play with little kids as my job! It doesn't get better then that.

As a mom of three beautiful daughters, I realize how fast our children grow and change. It is so important to appreciate every one of those moments. It might be the silly little looks they give each other or the way they dance whenever they hear their favorite song, but these little nuances capture a child’s personality and the way children enrich their family every day. I truly feel that pictures have the unique ability to freeze time, allowing us to stop and appreciate the special moments in our lives. Photographs tell stories about people, their families, and the relationships that bind them together. My hope is that my images capture your family's connection and that for years to come you can look at them and feel how this moment feels.

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