Why I love being a Mom of Three!

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I wrote this blog about being a mom of three, a year and a half ago on my old website. But, after having a man walk by and say “good luck, three is A LOT!” to this beautiful pregnant Mama, I thought I needed to bring it back and post it on my new blog.

When I was pregnant with my third daughter, I was very nervous about how having a third would change our family dynamic and how I would manage all kid’s needs.  I made the mistake of looking on the internet. What I found were articles about how having three is the worst and most stressful number of kids. There were blogs by moms listing all the “horrible” things about having three kids; and then ending with “but I wouldn’t change a thing” 😛

Well, I am a year (Now two and half years) into being a mom of three and I know there will be many challenges ahead, but I think having three kids is great!  So, I wanted to write a blog about all the good things that we have found along the way. Hopefully, I can ease the nerves of at least one expectant mom.  Here are my top reasons I love being a mom of three:

Natick Massachusetts family laughs together in field with fall foliage during maternity photo session.

1. So much love

I remember being pregnant with my second and looking at my oldest and thinking “how could I possibly love anyone as much as I love you;” but then her sister came and I was amazed at how my love wasn’t divided, but it grew!  The same was true with becoming a mom of three. Also, seeing how much my kids love each other has been so amazing.

Natick Massachusetts family laughs together on a blanket in field for Maternity family photo session
Soon to be mom of three holds hand with family walking in a circle in a field for family photos in Wayland Massachusetts

2. Always someone to cuddle


Out of three kids, at least one of them is usually up for some cuddle time.  Sometimes you need to stop cleaning, working, breaking up fighting, etc. to just cuddle and soak in their cuteness.

Brother and sister sit in field playing with grass during family photo session in Wayland Massachusetts
Natick Massachusetts couple holds hands walking while soon to be mom of three holds pregnant belly for maternity photo session.

3. Keeping each other entertained.


The transition from two to three kids was smoother for me than from one to two.  My older girls have each other to play with when the baby needs me. Also, they were already used to sharing my attention, so this new little baby taking some of it didn’t seem to phase them.

Natick Massachusetts family laughs together on a blanket in field for soon to be mom of 3 Maternity family photo session
Brother and sister walk together though field with foliage behind them for family photo session in Wayland Massachusetts.

4. Watching my two year old rise to the occasion.

She had been the baby of the family and I was so worried about how she would handle this change of having a little sister.  When my water broke, my girls were asleep so I crept into their room to kiss them goodbye before I went to the hospital. I knew that my oldest was already an amazing big sister and was so excited for the new baby.  My middle daughter was excited because her older sister was, but I didn’t think she knew what she was in for. As I kissed her goodbye through contractions, I started to cry uncontrollably. I felt like I was about to blindside her with life with a little baby.  But, she has loved being a big sister, too! She has had her moments of being stubborn and strong-willed, but they were never about her little sister. She loves being a big helper! I always tell her that she has such a special place in our family because she is the only sister that gets to know what it’s like to be both a little sister and a big sister.

brother and sister play in field holding hands for family photo session Natick Massachusetts
black and white photo of daughter kissing mothers pregnant belly Natick Massachusetts

5. Other mom’s think you are a rock star.

I am sort of joking, but other moms with less kids tend to think you are amazing for just getting everyone dressed and out of the house.  Thanks for keeping the bar real low, ladies!

Natick Massachusetts Family walks through field holding hands foliage behind them during Family Maternity session
Natick soon to be mom of three stands in field holding pregnant belly for maternity photo session.

So…life is busier, I am almost always tired, and I have to strategically plan getting out of the house around everyone’s activities, napping, nursing etc (It’s funny to look back at what I wrote because we don’t leave the house now :)).  But, I love being a mom of three. My family feels full and complete in the most amazing way. To all the future Moms of three, you got this!

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