Three positive things from 2020

Family Photo Sessions

Let’s be real, 2020 has not been a good year.  The days are long and filled with worry and stress.  I love my kids, but having them home 24/7 for most of the year is a long time to not get a break.  I could go on and on about how hard this year has been, but that’s not what this post is.  I wanted to take a moment in this hard year to try to find some silver linings.  I will share a few positive things from this year and hope you will comment with something positives from your year.

Sister time

Having all three of my girls home since March has been a lot more time with them all being together.  Yes, this means more time to fight, but it also means more time to play, do projects and make memories.  My 8 year old especially realized how lucky she is to have two sisters to play with right now.  I hope that in addition to all the tough things about this year, they look back and fondly remember all the fun things we have done together at home.

three sisters hugging in field in Dover Massachusetts
three sisters laughing together in field in Dover Massachusetts

Outdoor newborn sessions

One positive that has come out of the pandemic is my discovery and love for outdoor “newborn” sessions.  I put “newborn” in quotes because the baby doesn’t need to be a newborn.  I have done outdoor sessions with babies from newborn though one years old.  So if you are having a baby this winter, don’t worry we can still capture beautiful photos for you in the spring.  You can see some of my outdoor baby photos here.  I am working on a blog that will give you tips on photographing your baby at home.  For anyone who books a spring baby session, I am happy to set up a brief phone conversation to talk you through taking some photos of your baby at home and I will edit 10-15 of your photos for you!!!

dad holds baby up on shoulder and kisses her for outdoor newborn family photo session at Dowse Orchard Sherborn MA
Black and white photo of brother and sister holding newborn baby brother at Dowses Orchard Sherborn MA

Interview with Travel and Write Today

I have been using Travel and Write Today ‘s travel guides to plan our vacations for the past few years. Lauren from Travel and Write Today has given us so many great recommendations! I hope we can use another one of her guides to help us plan a vacation some time soon, but in the meantime I am so excited that she interviewed me for her blog. I would love for you to check it out!

three sisters hold hands walking into field in Wayland Massachusetts
Sister look at query at Halibut State Park Rockport Massachusetts

These are my three positives from 2020. I would love to hear something positive that has happened for you in 2020.

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