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Before each session, I find myself checking my weather app over and over again.  As I checked my app before this family’s session, it said 20% chance of rain; but as I drove to the session I could see a dark cloud forming.  When I pulled into their driveway, I quickly checked again and there was now a severe thunderstorm warning.  What?! We quickly tried to get as many photos as we could before it started pouring on us.

black and white photo of daughter kissing The Momming Worker Needham Massachusetts

At first I was bummed to not get all the photos we needed before it rained, but then I realized that this just meant that I got to spend more time with this amazing family.  Last night’s session was hot, but we had great light and were able to take our time.

Photo of dad playing on the ground with three kids in Metro West Boston Massachusetts
Family and Nanny smile for photo and black and white photo of mom holding baby in Massachusetts

I have been photographing this family for two years.  I absolutely love when clients come back to me year after year and our relationship grows.  There were multiple times during this session that I laughed so hard that I almost peed myself (after three kids, laughing or sneezing can be quite dangerous :p).

The Momming Worker and husband walk holding hands in Needham Massachusetts

I finished up the session taking a few photos of just mom and we started chatting.  Our conversation spanned from talking about trying to eat healthy during the pandemic to balancing being a mom and having a job.  It was so nice to talk to this mom and for a moment it felt like life was normal (other than the wicked face sweat and dry mouth under my mask).

father hold son on shoulders during family photo session in Needham Massachusetts
Black and white photo of The Momming Worker and husband smiling at each other and photo of family with Nanny laughing together

I would love to introduce you to Erin, the mom of this family.  Not only does she have a full time HR job and have three beautiful kids, but she also has an amazing blog/social media account, The Momming Worker.  If you don’t already follow her, you should do it right now! She isn’t your typical mom blogger; she absolutely keeps it real!  Her posts sometimes make me laugh because she is super funny, but other times make me want to cry because she hits the nail on the head with how I am feeling as a mom trying to run a business.  As honest and kind as she is online, she is tenfold in person.  I am so thankful for our always hilarious sessions and meaningful conversations.

Two branding photos of The Momming Worker in Needham Massachusets

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