Newborn Lifestyle Session: Roslindale MA

Newborn Photo Sessions

Doing sessions for babies that have been in the NICU always means so much to me. My oldest, who was born 6 weeks early, didn’t really feel like she was ours until she was home.  I am so happy that this little guy is home and now theirs!  Gestationally, he should only be two weeks old, but he is rolling around, holding his head up, and his eye contact with mom and dad is amazing.

parent on bed with newborn mom holding smiling sleeping baby photo MA
mom holding sleeping baby photo MA
dad holding awake newborn next to window photo MA
baby sleeping on mom photo MA
baby sleeping in moms arms and on bed photo MA
baby feet, baby laying on bed photo MA
baby laying on bed newborn photo
newborn christmas family photo by tree MA

newborn christmas family photo by tree MA

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