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When my 9 year old was a baby, we used to take her to Stacey Peasley concerts.  During the pandemic, we started taking zoom Lucky Day classes and now my 3 year old and I have been attending classes in Stacey’s backyard.  I am so thankful for all the music and joy that Stacey has brought into our house.  I am so excited to include Stacey Peasley and her Lucky Day music classes in this Natick Small Business Spotlight Blog.

Here is what Stacey Peasley, owner of Lucky Day Music Classes had to say about her business and Natick Massachusetts.

Stacey Peasley singing in her music room in Natick Massachusetts

What brought you to opening your Natick business?

I started out as a freelance artist – traveling from place to place where ever I was booked – homes for parties, schools, daycare centers, theaters, etc. When I decided to open up the music class aspect of my business, I knew it was best to be close to home.

Stacey Peasley playing a drum in Natick Massachusetts

What is something that makes your business special?

I’d like to think several things! I think I provide a unique service that encompasses many different aspects – original music for children, live performances, and caregiver/child music classes.

girl playing music during Stacey Peasley Lucky Day Music Class in Natick Massachusetts

What might people not know about you or your business that you would want them to know ?

A few fun facts about me:
1. I’m an only child and married an only child.
2. I skipped 1st Grade.
3. I was a middle school history teacher before I had children and did music
4. I never really wanted to play guitar! I was always happy singing, but when it became a necessity, I decided to try and started at 37 years old!

Stacey Peasley playing guitar during Lucky Day Music Class in Natick Massachusetts

What is something you love about Natick or your favorite spot in Natick?

I love Natick for so many reasons – it’s a community that cares about education, social justice, and helping others. A lot of my favorite spots involve food or sports! I love Lola’s, Zitis, Baja, Rice Noodle, and Eli’s, and spend a lot of time on the soccer fields at Elm Bank, the Cole Center, and Mathworks! I love The Center for the Arts in Natick Center. We have had great experiences at Memorial School, Kennedy Middle School, and now, Natick High. It’s a great place to raise a family!


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