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Paper Fiesta is such a cute store and Paula the owner is so sweet.  Paper Fiesta has a gift for everyone.  It is a great place to shop local this holiday season and check some of those gifts off of your list.  I asked Paula what was one of her favorite things in the store and she said her napkins!  She has a whole wall of them too :).  If you need party supplies, she is your girl!

What brought you to opening Paper Fiesta in Natick MA?

A long time ago there was an amazing florist/gift shop called Barber Bros in Natick on Rt 135. I used to love to walk thru it and shop. I would always walk in with a smile because I couldn’t wait to see what they have. They closed back, I think, in 2009 and there hasn’t been anything like it since. When I got the idea of opening Paper Fiesta, I wanted to bring back that feeling I got when I walked into their gift shop and give that to my customers. I brought my experience and expertise from working 21 years at Party Favors in Brookline to opening up my own store in the heart of Natick. I loved how Barber Bros made me feel when I walked in their door and I hope I make people feel the same way. A smile and joy.

Paula, owner of Paper Fiesta in Natick MA stocks shelvesWhat is something that makes Paper Fiesta special?

Our customers! We get to know each other, what they like, where their from, how our family’s are doing, the spirit of community is so strong here! We are your neighbors. Although we don’t actually sleep here, this is our home and when you walk inside you are our guest. We try to make your visit an easy one. I enjoy helping customers match the tablecloth with the napkins or helping them pick out a gift for a child! It brings me joy to be part of the celebration that you are giving.

Paper Fiesta Natick Massachusetts

What might people not know about you or your business that you would want them to know?

My husband is an EMT for Boston EMS, he was there when the Marathon Bombing happened. It changed him so much. He was never a runner before the bombing happened and after the incident, he was grateful to have all his limbs. He has run Boston 6 times. When we looked at our location, after seeing a couple of other spaces, he knew this one would be it because it’s right on Mile 10. That’s why we have a small section about marathon books and inspirational books. The spirit of the marathon runs inside and outside of Paper Fiesta.

Paper Fiesta Natick Massachusetts sign and paper goods

What is something you love about Natick MA or your favorite spot in Natick?

I love the community in Natick. The support that everyone has shown Paper Fiesta is amazing. The Natick Center Cultural District immediately welcomed us so warmly and helped us spread the word about Paper Fiesta. Our neighboring businesses around the center have become our friends and most importantly our customers are part of our lives. The outpouring of love and support from the time we opened to especially when we were closed during COVID is so special. Our customers helped us through COVID and we are still here because of them. My favorite spot is exactly where we are!! At the crossroads, across from the common, on the marathon route and smothered in history. My husband describes Natick center as “a Norman Rockwell painting that has come alive!”

Paper Fiesta Natick Massachusetts

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