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It was a pleasure meeting Bethany, the owner of Natick Prenatal Massage.  Her massage studio is located right on Main Street in Natick.  It is such a tranquil and relaxing environment.  I wish I had gotten more massages during my pregnancies.  I hope all the expecting moms that I photograph set aside some time to take care of themselves and a massage can be a great way to do this.

What brought you to opening Natick Prenatal Massage?

I love supporting local women, especially moms-to-be and moms.

What is something that makes Natick Prenatal Massage special?

I am not the typical therapist. I encourage you to take your time, to relax, to enjoy at snack, be present. I honestly love every single client that walks through my door. I strive to make them feel comfortable and to provide an exceptional experience.

I believe in all-inclusive pricing. I price my sessions according to time. Prenatal, CBD, Himalayan Salt Stones and aromatherapy are all the same price.

decor at Natick Prenatal Massage in Natick Massachusetts

What might people not know about you or your business that you would want them to know?

I treat everyone. Women, men, teens. After prenatal my most booked sessions are Himalayan Salt Stone with CBD.

Natick Prenatal Massage in Natick Massachusetts

Do you have any holiday specials?

I am working on something special. Stay tuned

Bethany the owner of Natick Prenatal Massage sits in lobby in Natick Massachusetts

What is something you love about Natick or your favorite spot in Natick?

I am finding the people of Natick to be so welcoming. I love sitting in the Town Common and watching people


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