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Baylee Bee just had their one year anniversary!  They are a great addition to downtown Natick.  Walking into the store, you can truly feel how much love goes into picking each item they have.  Baylee and Debbie are so kind and inviting to talk with.  After I finished photographing for this session, they helped me pick out a birthday gift for my oldest daughter.  She is absolutely in love with the sweat suit they helped me pick out for her.  If you are looking for an outfit for your next photo session, definitely check out Baylee Bee!

What brought you to opening Baylee Bee in Natick MA?

Baylee and I had been thinking about opening a shop for some time. Opening during the COVID19 pandemic was not our intention, but the opportunity presented itself and we went for it! Obviously, the pandemic changed a lot about our lives; how we worked, how we shopped, and how we dressed. We turned to comfier, around-the-house clothing, from cozy loungewear to sneakers and slippers, so this is what we focussed on initially. However, our fashion target has chaged a bit since we opened last November. With many of us vaccinated now and life somewhat back to normal, many of our customers expressed a desire for business casual wear and dressier outfits for nights out.

Baylee of Baylee Bee drinking coffee and front of Baylee Bee store in Natick Massachusetts

What is something that makes Baylee Bee special?

When people think of boutiques, they often believe that the mechandise will be expensive. Our goal is to always offer fun but affordable pieces; you can still be trendy and comfortable without the high costs. We want shopping at Baylee Bee to be more of an experience. We want cutomers to visit the store and feel comfortable, to be inspired, and to feel good about themselves in their clothes.

vase of flowers and sign saying lets bee friends at Baylee Bee in Natick Massachusetts

Do you have any holiday specials?

We will! We want to get a little more creative with our holiday promotions this year..maybe an Ugly Sweater Day where those that participate get a storewide discount. Also, thinking a “friendsgiving” might be fun or a procrastinator’s party too!

Debbie handing sweat shirt at Baylee Bee in Natick Massachusetts

What is something you love about Natick or your favorite spot in Natick?

Natick is very special. We, honestly, have never met such a welcoming community as business owners or as residents of the town. We moved here from Marblehead 7 years ago and instantly felt at home in our neighborhood. We met the best friends and neighbors!
It was the same when we opened the shop; a wonderful reception from all the local business owners and customers. As for our favorite spot, that’s a hard one. Natick Common is definitly up there offering so many fun activities; the farmers market, showcasing local volunteers and artisits too. This summer was great!! Downtown Natick was vibrant offerring so many fun events, activities, good food, music, and games for the all the surrounding communities.

wall of jewlery and Baylee and Debbie at register in Baylee Bee Natick Massachusetts

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