Natick Small Business Spotlight : Bardellini’s Creative Confections

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The detail on Bardellini’s cookies is astounding.  There were a few times during the session that I realized I was just watching her, mesmerized by her decorating, and had to remind myself to start taking photos again :).  My family devoured the cookies she sent home with me. They are already asking when we can get more of these cookies.

What brought you to opening Bardellini’s Creative Confections in Natick MA?

I had been working in early education since college and was at a place where I could continue on with what I had been doing or try something different. While I was figuring things out, I had gotten together with one of my cousins to make decorated sugar cookies for Christmas, which neither of us had tried before. I was immediately hooked. My cousin suggested starting a side business and came up with my name and logo. A couple months later, I posted a picture of some cookies I made for a Superbowl party I was going to and it just took off from there! I have always loved to bake, I have always loved drawing and crafting, I have always loved throwing parties for other people and I grew up in the restaurant industry so I feel very lucky to now have a business that is a combination of all of those things.

Beth from Bardellini's Creative Confections decorates cookies in Natick Massachusetts

What is something that makes Bardellini’s Creative Confections special?

My cookies are a really special way to add a very personalized touch to any event that everyone can enjoy. They also make really fun and thoughtful gifts!

Beth of Bardellini's Creative Confections arranges cookies on a tray in Natick Massachusetts

What might people not know about you or your business that you would want them to know?

There is a great deal of time that goes into each order, from planning the orders to packaging them. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work but I truly love the creative process that goes into each order.

Bardellini's Creative Confections cookies arranged on a plate in Natick Massachusetts

Do you have any holiday specials?

My Christmas pre-sale will be open from 12/6 to 12/10 (or until I reach capacity) and I will have lots of holiday cookies and gift sets at the Natick Farmers Market on 12/11.

Bardellini's Creative Confections makes cookies in Natick Massachusetts

What is something you love about Natick or your favorite spot in Natick?

Natick is my home. My dad grew up in Natick, my brother and I were born and raised here. My parents owned two successful restaurants in Natick while we were growing up and my early education job of almost 20 years was in Natick. My family has made so many wonderful connections to so many people here and I am very proud to have my own small business here now.

Bardellini's Creative Confections cookies on trays in Natick Massachusetts


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