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Heard Farm, Wayland Massachusetts

I discovered Heard Farm last winter walking with my family.  I knew immediately that I wanted to start using it for sessions in the spring.  It didn’t disappoint and has become one of my favorite spots.

This Wayland Conservation Area land is beautiful and filled with large fields of tall grass.  When you walk one way from the parking lot, it is about a 3 minute walk to a field and then from there another 2 minutes to an area with large apple trees.  In the other direction from the parking lot, you walk into another large field and it is about a 10 minute walk to a small orchard.  This location is great if your family likes to walk together.  We can walk and let the kids explore and stop now and then to take some more directed photos.  If you don’t want to walk, then this is not the location for you.  Additionally, a lot of people walk their dogs here, so if you have a family member scared of dogs this is not a good spot for you.

I would recommend Heard Farm for spring, summer, and fall sessions!  The spring blooms here are one of the things that makes it stand out as my favorite location.

This location is great for both sunrise and sunset sessions.

couple kisses with sun flare behind their heads during Maternity Photo Session with Sara Sniderman Photography at Head Farm in Wayland Massachusetts tips for what to wear to maternity photo sessions with Sara Sniderman Photography in Natick Massachusetts Parents sit on blanket and hold newborn baby during outdoor newborn photo session at Heard Farm, Wayland Massachusetts

Natick Ma Family Photo Session maternity photo in Natick, MA - Sara Sniderman Photography Mom smiles at baby in field of tall grass at Heard Farm, Wayland Massachusetts dad swings son around while mom and son laugh in background among blooming apple trees during family photo session with Sara Sniderman Photography at Heard Farm, Wayland Massachusetts

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