MetroWest Boston Photo Session Location | Barber Reservation, Sherborn Massachusetts

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Barber Reservation, Sherborn Massachuestts

This is my favorite location for morning sessions!  It gets the most beautiful morning light and there is enough shade that we don’t need to get there right at sunrise.  We can get away with starting 1.5-2 hours after sunrise.

This location is also very pretty for evening sessions.  There is a field a few minutes walk down the path, but I have never needed to venture down the path with a client because there are so many great spots right by the parking lot.  This location has a small field, a pretty fence line, a barn, and many trees.  There are horses across the street and sometimes they walk down the path, which is always a big hit with the little kids.  Occasionally people will walk their dogs here, but they usually walk past the area I photograph in to walk down the paths.

This location works well for all seasons!

Mom kisses baby on forehead for photo in field Sherborn MA Father and daughter rub noses for family photo with morning light in Sherborn MA parents hold newborn and dog for family photos in Sherborn Massachusetts sister holds baby brother on blanket for family photo session in Sherborn Massachusetts Natick MA dad snuggles with baby for photo maternity photo in Natick, MA - Sara Sniderman Photography maternity photo session in Natick, MA - Sara Sniderman Photography

winter photo session with Sara Sniderman Photography at Barber Reservation, Sherborn MA

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