MA Twin Newborn Photo Session

Newborn Photo Sessions

While I packed up after this twin newborn photo session, this mom and I chatted about our experiences with the NICU/special care nursery.  We are both lucky to have had short stays, but we talked about how much the experience has stuck with us.  It is always so nice to talk to a mom who has gone through a similar experience.  I remember at the time feeling very alone and unprepared for what I was experiencing.  All of my friends who had babies would post pictures of themselves with their babies on their chest after delivery.  This was something I didn’t have with my first daughter, since she was taken right to the special care nursery.

As I drove home from this session, I had an idea about a blog series. I would photograph a mom and child who experienced the NICU/special care nursery.  They would share a little bit about their experience and any advice they have for moms going through it.  Do you think this would be something you would be interested in reading or would be helpful for moms experiencing the NICU with a new baby?

toddler smiling on bed Natick Family photographer
big sister kissing baby on bed. family with twins on bed. Norhthboro MA twin Newborn Photographer
Norhthboro MA man holding twin Newborns photo
mom looking at twin newborns on bed Northboro MA
twin feet on bed photo MA
twin newborns with bows photo
big sister on bed with twins, one twin yawning northboro photo
mom rocking baby next to purple wall MA photo

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