Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session: Natick MA

Newborn Photo Sessions

I often get asked what I suggest people wear for a newborn session.  First and most importantly, I want mom to pick something that she is comfortable in.  For colors,  I always recommend neutrals.  Bright and vibrant colors can cause skin tones to have a hint of that color.  Additionally, I also love neutrals because when you look at the picture you aren’t focusing on the clothes, but on the people and their connections.  This mom rocked the neutral outfits!

toddlers feet Natick newborn photos
big brother smiling on bed during Natick newborn photo session
sibling photo on bed Natick newborn photo session
sibling photo and baby sleeping on bed Natick photo
big brother looking at newborn on bed, family photo on bed newborn photo session Natick MA
family cuddling on bed during Natick MA photo session
Mom laughing with her sons on bed Natick newborn photo session
Dad kissing newborn photo Natick
mom with her sons on bed and mom and dad looking at newborn in nursery Natick mA

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