Flying with a Toddler

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When I posted about flying with an 18 month old I got a lot of great suggestions, so I wanted to share them with you.  I was a little worried about the plane ride, since she isn’t old enough to sit and watch a show yet, but is also walking and getting into everything 🙂  Here are some of the tips people gave us that worked wonders:

1. Bring tape!

I was confused by the scotch tape suggestion and had to ask for clarification (lol), but it was a great tip!  Bring tape and rip off little pieces to put on seat in front of you; fold over a little bit of the top for them to grab on to.  She loved peeling it off.

2. New toys

I found a few new, small toys on Amazon.  These were great because they kept her attention, didn’t take up much room, and didn’t make a lot of noise (I believe they are made by Fat Brain Toys). I have been keeping them in my diaper bag after the trip and they are great for entertaining her when we are out and about too.  Some people suggested wrapping the new toys.  My little one isn’t at a point yet were she understands unwrapping gifts, but for those kids who are a little older this could be a great way to take up a few more minutes 🙂

3. Lot of snacks

I brought enough snacks that she could have probably eaten the whole trip :).  I brought some usual favorites, but also added in some new exciting snacks

4. Activity books/coloring/stickers

I brought a bunch of activity books and coloring for her and her older sisters.  The older girls were so excited to have free access to the tablet so that’s all they did the whole time, but for a longer flight these would have come in handy.

5.  Baby Carrier

This is one I almost didn’t bring, but was so helpful.  In real life, she is walking and pretty much grown out of it.  At the last minute, I decided that walking through the airport with three kids and luggage it might be a good idea to wear her.  Having my hands free to help with the older girls and luggage was so helpful in the airport.  On the plane, when she started losing interest in everything I had brought and was fidgeting but seemed tired, I threw on the carrier and she snuggled in for a nap.  Even when she wasn’t sleeping, she was more content to sit with me in the carrier than just on my lap.

I know this isn’t photography related, but it’s mom and family related.  These suggestions helped me, so I thought I share them with you.

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