Family Photo Session: Wellesley MA

Family Photo Sessions

My goal is always to make family photo sessions fun for both the parents and kids.  This family was visiting from out of town, so this cutie not only had to deal with a time change, but her usual routine was all different.

With that in mind, we explored a local park and made a few stops to take pictures.  Along the way we watched geese swimming by the bridge, ran away from dragons, sang songs, and Dad threw her super high in the sky!

Wellesley Family Photo session. Mom holds baby while mom and dad hold hands walking under tree branches
Mom hold daughter and Dad kisses mom cheek at Wellesley MA
toddler girl smiles at camera while holding moms hand. Black and white photo on bridles Wellesley MA
mom holds toddler girl, mom and did smile at daughter family photo Hunnewell park Wellesley MA
 toddler girl holding parents hands walking at Hunnewell Park Wellesley MA
girl smells yellow flower at MA
Dad throws daughter in air photo Hunewell Park Wellesley MA

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