Am I the right fit for your MetroWest Boston family photo session?

Family Photo Sessions

There are many photographers to choose from when booking your MetroWest Boston family photo session. Each photographer has their own style, which is why it’s important to find one that is the right fit for your family.

Here are some of the things that make me a good fit for families:

black and white MetroWest family photo session image family smiling together in field.

1. Find beauty in imperfection

I try to start off most sessions getting a photo of everyone together looking at the camera, but most of them won’t. My favorite photos are the ones that are imperfect and capture your family’s connection. My goal is for you to look back on your photos and feel nostalgic. I will help guide your family through your session, but my goal is to capture real moments.

Mom stands in field with one year old for family photo.

2. Light and bright MetroWest Boston family photos

There are many different styles of editing for photos. I would describe my style as light and bright. If you are looking for dark and moody, there are some amazing photographers that do this style, but i’m just not your girl.

family photo MetroWest photo session big sister kissing little sister

3. Ready to play

I will prompt and guide you through interactions. This can be anything from bumping hips while you walk to playing simon says. I not only want to get you beautiful, connected family photos, but I also want it to be a fun experience.

photo of dad and daughter smiling together and black and white family photo of dad holding daughter in air.

4. Ready to cuddle

In addition to my sessions being playful, I will also prompt some more quiet, snuggly moments. I want my photos to show connections and this means a lot of cuddling, holding hands, rubbing noses, etc.

Lack and white photos of sisters walking through field in Newton Massachusetts. Big sister hand on little sister back.
MetroWest Boston family photo session, family sitting on blanket smiling at eachother

5. Not afraid to get a little dirty during your MetroWest Boston family photo session

As I said above, I will prompt you through interacting with your family. This means a lot of playing with your kids and them with each other. Sometimes this means getting a little dirty :).

one year old sitting on ground and black and white photo of big sister helping one year old up from the ground.


Check out more of my family photo session images to see if I would be the right fit for your MetroWest Boston family photo session.

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