3 Family Photo Session Prompts

Family Photo Sessions

I love when families come to sessions ready to play!  I will help encourage play by giving some ideas.  In the photography world, these are called photo session prompts.  This family was so playful and didn’t hesitate at all with following my prompts.  Here are 3 of my favorite prompts that I used during this session:

Red light-green light:
I have families hold hands and walk together.  To add a little more fun to this, I will play red light-green light with them while they are walking.  Sometimes I will throw in a crazy color and have a family dance together :).

Family prompt: red light green light during photo session Natick Massachusetts
Kids hold hands in Wayland Massachusetts field during family photo session

Run around mom and dad:
This is a great way to get some of the kids’ energy out and give mom and dad a moment to connect during the session.  I also always think the images of mom and dad with kids running in circles around them is a great depiction of how the chaos of life sometimes feels with little kids.

Black and white photo prompt of parents kissing while kids run around them during Natick Massachusetts family photo session
Natick Massachusetts family plays London bridge photo

Simon Says:
This is a great way for me to give kids directions without them feeling like I am giving them directions lol.  I will give them silly simon says directions like “rub your belly,” but also throw in there “hug your sibling.”

Black and white photo of siblings walking through field Wayland Massachusetts
Natick Massachusetts family photo in field son on dads shoulders kisses mom while she holds daughter

These are just a few of the photo session prompts that I like to use.  My goal is always to capture images that are genuine, joyful, and connected; prompting helps me achieve this.  Prompting helps families interact and be themselves together.

mom holds daughter and black and white photos of sister sitting in field together in Natick Massachusetts

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