2nd birthday photos

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My baby is turning two!  Where did the time go?  My oldest thinks it’s funny to say that her sister won’t be my baby once she turns two.  She will always be my baby, but the truth is that she isn’t a baby any more.  She is a walking, talking toddler.  Trying to get these birthday photos mostly consisted of her running towards me saying “fast, fast”. I love though that they capture the constant state of movement phase that she is in. Happy 2nd birthday big girl!

toddler holds flower towards camera for birthday photo
toddler runs in field with arms up

This birthday is closing the chapter on having babies in our family.  Our family is complete. I don’t want any more babies, but it still tugs at my heart that I will never again have one of my own babies fall asleep on my chest.  There are so many great things about watching all of them and their relationships grow, but birthdays seem to always feel bitter sweet.  When people say “the days are long, but years are short” they sure are right. In some ways it feels like I was just pregnant with her. In other ways that seems like so long ago. I love seeing her strong little personality grow but also feel like her babyhood (is that word ?) has flown by way too fast.

little girl in field holding flower runs toward camera for photo
two year old walking in field for birthday photos

My kids change so much from year to year and sometimes I want to hold on to who they are right now for just a little bit longer.  I guess this feeling is probably why I love photographing them so much.  If I can’t freeze time, At least I can capture the memories in photos. I love taking photos on their birthday each year so I can put them side by side to see how much they have grown.

two year old birthday photos with balloons and green chair
two year old birthday photos with balloons and green chair

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