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In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session FAQ

I wanted to answer some frequently asked questions about lifestyle in home newborn photo sessions. If you still have questions after reading this please don’t hesitate to reach out.

What is an in home lifestyle newborn photo session?

Lifestyle photo sessions take place in the comfort of your own home.  It’s a great way to capture natural moments of your family connecting with your new little one.  There are no props or newborn posing used during these sessions. There will be lots of natural cuddling and loving your new addition!

parents hold newborn on bed with two cats at lifestyle newborn photo session in Needham Massachusetts

If you don’t pose or use props, what will the newborn photographs be like?  

I will take pictures of your newborn naturally, which usually means cuddling you with a few images of them laying down independently.  Depending on the light, I will photograph them in their crib or laying down on a bed or couch. If you have something special that you would like to include in the session, like a quilt or particular piece of furniture, just let me know.  

Collage of lifestyle in home newborn photos with babies and special family items in Natick Massachusetts

Will just the baby be photographed?

I will photograph your family with the baby, as well as the baby individually.  If big siblings are involved, I will try to do pictures including them first so they can take a break afterward and come back if they would like.  I have three girls of my own, so I know having a new baby is an adjustment for big siblings, so we will follow their lead with how much they want to be involved.  I suggest having something special for big siblings to earn at the end of the session, which helps with motivating them participating in the session. If you have a four-legged big sibling, I would love to include them as well.  We will follow their lead with how comfortable they are with the baby. Some pets would prefer not to be too close to the baby, so we will have a parent hold them for the picture; others want to get right up close and cuddle the baby.   

Collage of in home lifestyle newborn photos with pets in Massachusetts

How should I prepare the house?  Do I need to clean my whole house before my photo session?

You DO NOT need to clean your whole house.  When you book your session, I will ask you to start paying attention to which rooms in your house get the most light.  We will try to photograph in one or two of those rooms. Depending on light, I like to photograph in the babies room and a room with a bed, which are great snuggling locations :).  If you have a light-colored neutral comforter, please have it on the bed; if not, let me know and I will bring a white one. When I get to your home, I will have you show me around so we can pick out a spot or two that gets the most window light.  All you really need to do to prepare is put the shades up; we will move things out of the way to make it look like your house is spotless :). Don’t be surprised if I ask if we can move some things around to get the best light. I promise we will move them back.    

collage of in home newborn photos in Massachusetts

What should we wear for my lifestyle newborn photo session?

The most important thing is to find something that you are comfortable in and makes you feel good.  For colors, I would suggest neutrals like gray, navy, tan, white, ivory, and pastels. Avoid neon and super bright colors, as they might create an unusual looking color cast on you and your baby’s skin.  As a family, pick colors that compliment one another, but do not exactly match. I would suggest if anyone is going to wear a pattern that just one person have a pattern and then draw color inspiration for the other outfits from that pattern.  A white (or another light, neutral color) onesie and a swaddle will be all we need for baby.

Natick Massachusetts newborn lifestyle photography neutral colored outfits

What if my baby doesn’t sleep during the photo session?

Newborn babies are unpredictable and often will be wide awake at times we want them to sleep.  I love capturing the relationship between families and their new babies. This means an awake baby is okay!  I suggest feeding baby right before the session, so they have a full happy tummy. If they need to eat again during the session, that’s just fine.  

In home newborn photos of awake babies in Metro West Boston Massachusetts

Is there anything else I need to know before my in home lifestyle newborn photo session?

Just relax!  I want this to be an enjoyable experience.  Everything doesn’t have to be “perfect”. Sometimes the best pictures are the unexpected ones.  If baby is awake or has a diaper emergency during the session, that’s totally okay. I want to capture natural moments for you that you can look back on for years and remember this time as it actually was.  

Families cuddling newborn during in home lifestyle photo sessions in Metro West Boston Massachusetts

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Families cuddling newborn during in home lifestyle photo session in Metro West Boston Massachusetts

February 12, 2020

  1. Sara!! I love these!! Great posts for new and seasoned mamas!❤️

  2. Winterlyn says:

    Wonderful blog for families looking for this kind of service.

  3. Aww….I always love seeing sweet baby pictures!

  4. Josefin says:

    I love love love these photos! In-home sessions are so special and intimate! Wonderful memories for the families!

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