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A snowy fall Natick, Massachusetts family photo session

I have been only photographing outdoor sessions since the Pandemic started. I have been at different parks, but not many houses.  It was a fun change to do this session in this family’s yard.  During the pandemic, we are all spending a lot of time in our yards. I think it will be fun for this family to look back and remember this time playing in the yard.  I had so much fun during this snowy fall Natick Massachusetts family photo session.

 Father laughs with daughter photo MetroWest Boston Massachusetts
Mom snuggles her daughter for snowy family photo session Natick Massachusetts
Black and white photo of couple smiling together on snowy day.
Dad holds son while daughter hugs him during family photo session

Of course, since it is 2020, mother nature had to throw in a little October snow storm to mix things up leading to this snowy fall Natick, Massachusetts family photo session.  This family wasn’t expecting a winter wonderland for their end of October photos, but I actually love the snow and cozy feel to these photos.  A snow storm in October means a rare occurrence of seasons meeting.  Their backyard was filled with snow and the front yard had leaves and pumpkins.  

Black and white photo of Natick Massachusetts family in front of their home.
dad and father smile together for photo in MetroWest Boston Massachusetts
MetroWest Boston Massachusetts
parents hold kids above their heads for family photo session Natick Massachusetts
Mom snuggles daughter during snowy Natick Massachusetts family photo session.

This session wasn’t what we had expected, but in the end I am actually glad we got rained out the previous week.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to capture this unique snowy fall day.  I am thankful that these clients were up for an early morning snowy session.  To stay warm, they wrapped up in blankets and turned on their fire pit.  I think it was a great way to start a Sunday!

Sister kisses her brother during snowy Natick Massachusetts photo session
girl cuddles in blanket to stay warm and black and white photo of mother with her kids MetroWest Boston Massachusetts
Mom and daughter sit by fire during snowy Natick Massachusetts family photo session

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family photo sister kissing brother Natick Massachusetts

November 3, 2020

  1. Brigitte says:

    I love the lighting in this family session and how you captured so much joy! Absolutely beautiful πŸ™‚

    • Sara Sniderman says:

      thank you! I know snow wasn’t what the family had hoped for when scheduling an october session, but they had so much fun with it

  2. Maria says:

    Such a cute family! And the snow in October is such a 2020 thing. Haha

  3. Chinling says:

    I love the skin tone!! It’s not easy to do in clients backyard and you did a such a great job! Beautiful photos!

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