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Supporting small businesses during Covid 19

Covid 19 has been especially hard on small businesses.  We are trying to support them as best we can with social distancing.  Here are some ways we are supporting small businesses in Natick:

Order take out

We have been trying to order from a small local business at least once a week during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Some of our favorites are Eli’s, Rice Noodle, and Lola’s. 

Eli's Restaurant Natick MA front entrance and girl eating pancake photo

Kids virtual classes

Our typical extra curricular activities are on hold for right now.  This doesn’t mean though that we can’t still enjoy some of their favorite activities and support a small business at the same time.  My girls have loved their DanceFIT and Stacey Peasley Band classes. 

Girls taking Virtual dance and music classes at DanceFIT and Lucky Day Natick MA

Adult fitness

Etching out time in my day to exercise has been so important to my mental health during the Covid 19 pandemic.  I may still have kids climbing on me or taking every toy they own out around me, but trying out different DanceFIT classes has been a helpful stress reliever. 

Girl runs through flower field photo Natick MA

Shop local

 If I am being honest, I have done a lot of Amazon shopping these past few months, but I am trying to be more aware of when there is something I could buy locally.  We have gotten groceries and propane from Tilly’s and picked up flower from Fran’s, both of which had great systems to minimize contact when picking up orders  

Sisters plant garden Natick MA

Social media

Social media is often a large part of marketing for small businesses.  I have begun following and engaging with more Natick small businesses on social media. Liking, following, and commenting on these businesses’ social media can help them be seen by more. 

Girl walks on stone wall at Lookout Farm Natick MA

My business

As an owner of a small photography business, I would greatly appreciate your support.  Given Governor Baker’s announcement this week, I am going to be able to start doing outdoor photo sessions.  If you don’t want photos right now,  you can help my business by liking and commenting on my social media and telling your friends and family about me.  I would love to capture this moment in time for your family from a distance.  I really appreciate all of my clients’ support and look forward to photographing your families again soon!

Sisters doing piggy back ride laugh together for photo at Lookout Farm Natick MA

Please check out my blog to see if I would be a good fit for your families photo session

girl in white dress walks on stone wall at Lookout Farm Natick MA

May 24, 2020

  1. Hayley says:

    As a small business owner myself, this is such an awesome post!! Love all of the ideas and I hope others can see it too!

  2. Nidya says:

    This is a great idea! I hadn’t thought of some of these!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Great post! I think that going forward more and more people will be supporting local! Thanks for all the ideas!

  4. Alyjah says:

    Love this! So many great ideas!

  5. LOVE This post and all the ideas! Thanks for sharing the small ways we can all make a big difference for small businesses!

  6. You make quarantine look so peaceful! Lol. Thanks for the helpful tips! Xx

  7. Ashley says:

    This is great! I love your support of your community and making the best out of a crazy situation!

  8. Erin says:

    Way to support local businesses and your community! Such great ideas!

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